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Goodbye MoP

han a posted May 7, 14
Finally.... it's over! 

Ty on all that were here and stayed behind :) 

Gratz on kill all, and I'll see you all at WoD!

Vyndilltheman WOoot go blue label!
Gomes Many many grats to all!
Monkiikong GJ guys!

A new beginning

han a posted Apr 7, 14
Hello all!

It's been a while! Were still alive and kicking. The boredom of this tier being out for so long has taken a bit of a toll. So after taking a short break to help the burnt out people and rebuilding for a stronger raid group, we got to exterminate paragons.

Gj for all that hanged around and all our new raiders.

And of course, only Garry to go!

ps. looking for more for Garrosh and beyond, pst hanul ingame for more info or apply at
Monkiikong Grats guys 1 more to go!
Valdro how does yak time these jumps for every screenshot
Gomes grats friends! ...
So where is our stash and princess? We did all that hard work jumping into pipes, avoiding fire, jumping on mines and shooting the boss down but the main things were missing :( 

I blame Luigi

Gj on kill notherless :)

ps. looking for a few more dps to finish off SoO, pst hanul or jinbei ingame for more info or enquire within.

Mortifarus Any kill vid?
Valdro another amazing tree jump
gulder gnomes smells
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